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Brand Management on many levels

Abrand is often managed as if it was a single process with commonly known elements like brand promise, customer benefits, reason why and brand personality. What if everybody looks at brand management in the same way and use the same methods? Competing becomes harder as everyone manages its brands in the same manner.

We think a brand can be managed on various levels. Functioning well on one of them doesn’t make it a champion in all of them. Brand managers may never realize what is missing, because their thinking about brand is limited to one level only and based on one, preferred brand model.

We create four types of brand based on Jacek Pogorzelski’s Branding PESK model:

What we do

Managing your brand on more than one level, you’ll achieve better results:

Past projects:

  • A series of workshops on brand strategy and portfolio management for International Paper Poland
  • Analysis of Gerlach brand strategy and personality
  • A series of workshops for Avon on category, consumer and brand insight
  • Furniture company brand strategy
  • Publishing house brand archetype analysis
  • IT developer brand positioning strategy development
  • Identification and structuring of consumer insights for Felix brand
  • Infoscreen (Ströer) brand strategy development

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