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We are focused on practical effectiveness, which is a sum of five factors:


We are not just a learning organization. We also create knowledge. We conduct own research that makes it possible to offer our customers new, more effective methods of brand and customer experience analysis and strategy development. Examples of the products of our research include:

  • Unique model of brand management on four levels: perception, emotions, social bonds and cultural ideas,
  • Brand Vector – proprietary model of brand positioning based on historical evolution of brand meaning,
  • One of a kind system for managing and monitoring brand archetype implementation level,
  • Own method of moments of truth analysis based on biometric analysis of autonomic customer reactions to stimuli in experience environment,
  • Unique method for measuring brand’s emotional capital including brand love, brand sensory dimensions and brand emotional signature.

We are currently doing industry-leading work in the following areas:

  • Perception, emotional, social and cultural branding – modelling, operationalization and implementation systems
  • Application of neuromarketing methods in customer experience measurement
  • Application of biometric methods in customer buying behaviour monitoring
  • Analysis of moments of truth in customer experience
  • Effectiveness of marketing tools on cognitive and emotional customer reactions

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Company management

Managing director of PrimeCode is Jacek Pogorzelski

Jacek Pogorzelski, zarządzający Primecode

Consultant in marketing strategy, branding, marketing communications and customer experience management. Experienced brand and marketing manager. Worked for advertising agency and international corporations. Expert to the Polish ministries and local authorities in marketing communications area.

Holder of a PhD in managerial science. Lecturer on WEMBA program of Warsaw School of Economics and MBA program of The Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota), and certified marketing programmes of The London-based Chartered Institute of Marketing. Trainer of numerous courses on management and marketing.

Author of Marka na cztery sposoby (Four Types of Branding), Praktyczny marketing miast i regionów (Practical Marketing for Cities and Regions), Kod skuteczności (The Effectiveness Code), Mity marketingowe (The Marketing Myths), (R)ewolucja marki (Brand [R]evolution), Pozycjonowanie produktu (Product Positioning) and numerous articles on positioning, brand strategy and other aspects of strategic marketing. Co-author of Wskaźniki marketingowe (Marketing Metrics).

Author of a marketing blog at:

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