Customer Experience Management

Managing Conscious & Subconscious Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management is about objective and unbiased look at everything that happens in a certain environment from the perspective of an individual customer’s experience. We are interested in everything she sees, hears, smells, feels, and touches, but more importantly, how does it affect her? We are entering the world of impressions and feelings. The aim of this exploration is to achieve the highest possible satisfaction level that makes her want to come back. We carefully plan mechanism which, thanks to psychological gratification, will maximize customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Our job is to make sure that the end result of this process is satisfied and loyal customer

The most difficult part in customer experience management is a complete change of viewpoints. One needs to forget his assumptions and look at things and events from customer perspective. This is never easy. That’s why we take advantage of numerous research techniques. We observe customers at different hours of the day, different weather and locations. We conduct creative research that helps us understand their expectations, so that we are able to satisfy them. On an advanced level we use biometric methods, that help us observe direct brain reactions to the smallest details that constitute experience.

We develop concepts of customer experience in four scenarios:

What we do

By managing conscious and subconscious experience of a customer you will achieve better results, in particular

Past projects:

  • Petrol stations’ customer experience strategy for LOTOS including the analysis of moments of truth, customer journey and sensory marketing
  • Analysis of the biometric customer reactions to the publishing house products
  • Identification of psychographic and behavioral segments of buyers for publishing house based on in-depth analysis of customers’ cognitive processes and reactions
  • Customer experience strategy for key touchpoints of a financial institution
  • Customer journey analysis for a tour operator website
  • Project of extensive customer experience system for an insurance company

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